About Dexas®

company_buildingFounded in 1969, Dexas® began fabricating cutting boards for fashion department stores. Consumer acceptance of this product as well as demand for more categories of cutting boards propelled Dexas® into becoming the recognized leader of all poly, acrylic, glass, and wood boards.

Dexas® now has 165,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment dedicated to creating hundreds of precise category selections which cater to our customers special markets needs. Dexas® maintains an in-house creative department staffed with artists and engineers capable of taking products from concept to completion. Premier retailers both nationwide and international have recognized and awarded Dexas for its excellence in innovation, category growth performance, and support services.

The Dexas® customer base has grown rapidly and includes virtually every major retailer featuring cutting boards, silicone housewares, office products and now petwares, all under Dexas® brand, private labels, and licensing labels. Thanks to our customers today we’re proud to say we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of cutting boards and a leader in the design of kitchenware and consumer products.

Dexas® is now thrilled to introduce its new space-saving dinnerware tailored specifically to pets.icon_GoTexan2 The new line is designed to eliminate many pet-owning woes, such as bulky accessories, difficult travel, and of course, messiness. The line includes: expandable/collapsible bowls for eating and drinking, expandable/collapsible pet feeder, adjustable pet feeder for growing dogs, travel cups, Grippmats™ to prevent spills, and suction lids to keep pet food fresh. All of the products in the “Popware for Pets™” line feature certified food-safe material and are especially lightweight, durable, and collapsible.

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